What's The Benefit For Tax Preparers?

You might be wondering, as the tax preparer, what’s in it for me? Here are a few things to consider:

Increased Revenue
You have the opportunity to add up to $50 per transaction and that is all your profit.

Client Retention
Your tax client will not be able to buy this anywhere else for close to the same price.

Added Value
You are now able to offer a real product with real value at a ridiculously low price. Chances are you will be the only tax office in your area offering this product.

How does DefendMyID cost so much less than industry leaders?

Without mentioning any names…simply put, we have cut out the middleman and we’re not greedy.

Why should I use your product rather than an industry leader?

The reality is that 90% of the industry is using the same technology on the backend, and we’re no different…except for the price. The industry leaders sell their product for $10-$20 per month, while we offer the premium package for about 75% less than their price.

Is the product fully integrated into my tax program?

Absolutely…whether you’re using the Desktop, Dashboard or Online program.

How does the taxpayer pay for the service?

The money for the product will be deducted from the refund if you have a bank product attached to the return. If there is not a bank product attached you will collect for it from the taxpayer along with your other fees and the money for their ID Protection will get deducted from future bank product deposits.

How do I as the tax business make money?

The money that you add to the product will be paid to you at the end of June and the end of November.

How Does DefendMyID Work?

DefendMyID helps protect your identity with the unique combination of detecting, alerting and restoring. We monitor over a trillion data points a day using proprietary technology, alert you through email if we notice suspicious activity, and back it all up with a dedicated team of U.S. based specialists who are there to make the calls, file the paperwork, and take all the painstaking steps to help restore your identity if it ever is compromised. We do all of this 24/7/365.

Do I really need to worry about identity theft?

Yes. Identity theft is America’s fastest growing crime. But what is it? Simply put, it’s when someone uses your personal information for their gain and your loss. They can take over financial accounts, file tax refunds in your name, rent or buy properties and even commit crimes in your name. There’s a new identity fraud victim every 2 seconds!

Why is restoring my identity so difficult?

Proving that ‘you are you’ can be time-consuming and expensive. Filing paperwork, disputes, and insurance claims can take weeks, months and even years. DefendMyID’s team of specialists will work with you to help clear your name, retain lawyers and other experts if needed, and pay court fees.

How long will I be covered?

A full 12 months from the time you file your tax return with one of our thousands of tax offices.

How could someone use my identity for their benefit?
  1. They can steal your tax refund
  2. They can commit crimes in your name
  3. They can steal your health insurance
  4. They can take over your social media accounts and impersonate you
  5. They can open credit accounts in your name
  6. They can get a payday loan in your name
  7. They can hold all of your computer files for ransom
  8. They can steal your frequent flyer miles.
    Are there any monthly charges?

    No. The full 12 months of service is paid when the tax return is filed.

    What is included in the DefendMyID bundle?
    • CyberSearch
    • Full Service Restoration
    • Payday Lender Monitoring (most Zip codes)
    • Lost Wallet and restoration
    • Change of Address Notification
    • SSN Trace
    • Single Bureau Credit Monitoring
    • $1 Million Insurance
    • Child Restoration (Up to 10 kids)
    • Child SSN Trace (Up to 10 kids)
    • Child CyberSearch (Up to 10 kids)
    • Call Center 24/7/365 (U.S Call Center)


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